1.5 billion people today lack access to fresh water.

The most vital resource on the planet for survival is fresh water… and the world is running out. Thirsty populations, drought, and other factors have caused the world’s terrestrial-based fresh water supply to dwindle.

But water goes somewhere when used. Water is condensed into the sky as vapor, trapped by our atmosphere, and floats above us as clouds. That is, until it rains.

Our ancestors had many superstitions and rituals to invoke this vital resource - from rain dances in Africa to cat parades in Thailand. Our namesake Chaac was, in fact, the God of Rain in ancient Mayan culture and was revered as a giver and provider of life.

Now we have the ability to harness rain when and where we want - without causing environmental damage. Our technology harnesses atmospheric water generation and hydroelectric principles to bring water and energy to the people when they need it - and all without a rain dance.

The best part is, this process is inherently renewable. Water used for irrigation, cultivation, hydroelectric energy, and consumption will be condensed back into the atmosphere. This process will be naturally sustainable.

Energy from the clouds

We can do more than provide water to thirst populations. Water from the clouds can also be used to produce sustainable energy.

It’s no secret the world is running out of fossil fuels. Wind, solar, and hydroelectric must rise to meet these demands.

Through our technology, we will produce energy from the clouds using hydroelectric principles. Our technologies will help power a more sustainable future.



Chaac’s Co-Founder & CEO at the 68th United Nations Civil Society Summit held in Salt Lake City, UT - the home of Chaac. We’re on a mission of building the world’s first Airborne Atmospheric Water Generation System that will increase freshwater accessibility across the globe, advance a new renewable energy solution, and empower economies to thrive via our innovative and self-powering clean technologies.