Utah Energy and Mineral - Foreign Investment Task Force

Co-Chaired by the World Trade Center - Utah and Utah’s Governor’s Office of Energy Development, Chaac was selected to present at the Energy and Mineral Foreign Investment Task Force meeting in Vernal, Utah - just ahead of the Uintah Basin Energy Summit. The Chaac team explained the core mechanics behind the Airborne Atmospheric Water Generation System, use-cases and operational efficiency metrics - to include how our economic viability scales for healthy corporate growth and job creation. Fun fact: in the Uinta Basin, an approximate 25% relative humidity exists; given that our technologies will perform >90% efficiency in 40% relative humidity climates, the MVPs under development would produce 35,000 gallons of freshwater per day in this austere arid environment. And, all while being completely self-powering via the hydropower produced redistributed back into powering the system for off-grid continuous operations. More exciting news to come!