Chaac featured from the visiting Jamaican Delegation to Utah!

Chaac’s founding team met with a delegation from Jamaica, chaired by the Jamaican Minister of Science, Energy, and Technology (Hon. Fayval Williams) and the U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica (Ambassador Donald Tapia), hosted and invited by the World Trade Center - Utah. It was a great opportunity to identify the challenges of Jamaica’s energy and water needs and the convergence of Chaac’s solutions to bring unlimited value to the island.

Excerpt from the article:

“CEO and [Co]Founder of CHAAC Technologies, Jake Hammock, has an innovative solution to address both power and water shortages on the island.

“We’re building an airship that will be tethered to the ground and condensing water vapour out of the atmosphere at such a rate that we can send the water down to a controlled water tubing that will generate hydro-kinetic pressure into a hydro-kinetic turbine to produce a hybrid[ity] of both water and power,” he said.

His solution can generate between 5,000 and 50,000 gallons of water per day and five megawatt hours of energy. It is also portable and can be set up in two 40-foot containers.”

Link to the full article below -

JIS Article

Huge thanks to the World Trade Center - Utah for allowing Chaac to be apart of the discussion and for your continued support on bringing power and water to the Beehive State.

More excited news to come!