We are building a new class of renewable water and energy.


Water and Energy

Over 7 billion people depend on fresh water, yet it is scarce - and becoming more so.

Chaac has developed revolutionary technologies which will allow us to access water in the clouds and provide water and electricity to all of humanity.

Take a look at what we are doing in this short video.

Project Covenant - Our First Project

West of Salt Lake City, Utah near the Utah and Nevada border we are building a new kind of water and electricity generation system using our cutting edge and patent-pending atmospheric water generation technologies.

Our goal is to supply affordable and abundant water and electricity to communities and businesses from cloud-based atmospheric water generation.

Our Executive Team

Jake Hammock | Co-Founder and CEO

Jake Hammock | Co-Founder and CEO

Futurist, entrepreneur, technologist. Jake sees a world where water and energy are no longer scarce and will power humanity’s future. He has spent years observing the atrocities of continued lack of clean water and energy throughout the world; and, is committed to changing the future of utility necessity access while preserving Earth with clean power generative technology. Jake invented the technology that powers Chaac and created the company for the good of humanity.

Sam Kimzey | Co-Founder and COO

Sam Kimzey | Co-Founder and COO

Operational excellence and technology-focused. Sam has seen it all in 20+ years of military, government, and corporate environments. Focusing on ensuring the company runs smoothly and efficiently while maintaining the high standards of clean technology that our customers and investors expect. Sam has served in several Director and Senior Management roles for the US Military, US Government, and - most recently - Uber Technologies, Inc.

For Investors

Why invest in Chaac? Simply put - it’s our drive. We aim to become the first utility-grade AWG company in the world. While most of our competitors are focused on small-scale or consumer AWG markets, we are focused on creating an entirely new class of renewable utility.

Water will be a $1 trillion (with a “T”) industry in the next few years. Chaac will be on the forefront.

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